About Me

Hi there! I’m Kate and I write this blog. Thanks for visiting!

  • I seek to simplify and un-complicate.
  • I’m interested in anything that involves reducing chemical exposure in my every day life.
  • I think we’re all running around in these crazy modern times like a bunch of stress monsters and it needs to stop.
  • I suppose I’d like to live healthier to extend my life and improve my quality of life. I have a mother and two grandmothers who all had breast cancer and I really don’t want to suffer through that (or make my family suffer through it). So I’ll do what I can to prevent it.
  • And in general, I really don’t buy that we need all these various chemically laden products, foods, etc to make us comfortable. In fact, I have more than just a hunch that they’re having the opposite effect.


  • I’m still human.
  • I’m still flawed.
  • I dye my hair to cover my grey’s (I’m only 25!).
  • I eat processed foods at times.
  • I eat McDonald’s at times (the shock! the horror!).
  • I sometimes still use 409 to clean my kitchen counters, because the natural stuff requires more elbow grease and I get lazy.

But all that said, I think the key is what you do the majority of the time. See, I tend toward perfectionism so diets and restrictions-whether for weight loss or health or whatever–have never worked for me because I’m constantly beating myself up whenever I “cheat” (hate that word when applied to food or lifestyle changes). So rather than telling myself “here’s a list of what I can have and here’s a list of what I can’t”, I simply try to live with the knowledge that everything I put in and on my body has an effect. Some things have positive effects and others have negative effects and I always try to air on the side of the positive. It’s great if you want to make positive changes to your diet or lifestyle, but if the cost of that is a ton of anxiety over whether you’re doing it perfectly, then frankly, I figure you’ve just replaced one negative with another. Know what I mean?

***Disclosure: I am not a doctor, a nurse, or any kind of health practitioner. I’m just a gal with a pretty keen intuitive sense, great research abilities, and curiosity that is easily peaked. Please understand that my advice is really just another opinion and it’s for you (and your doctor) to decide the best course for your health and well-being.***

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