Caveman Regimen Update: Loving My Soap Free Face

by Kate on August 3, 2012

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I just love the Caveman Regimen. If you haven’t read my previous post about why I started the Caveman Regimen (and what it is) I suggest you read that first.

It’s officially been a month since I started this whole not washing thing and I just love it. Before deciding to try the caveman regimen, I was washing my face twice a day every day and using benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer to keep my skin clear and balanced. It worked fairly well, but I dealt with constantly dry skin.

Since stopping all of this (cold turkey, I might add) the oil has definitely returned to me skin. It looks more youthful and alive than before. Plus my husband keeps telling me how tan I look, so apparently the benzoyl may have been making me look pale.

I have been getting some minor breakouts here and there. Nothing major, and they go away as quickly as they come. I expected to break out a little during this process since changing or stopping products tends to make your skin go a little haywire as it balances out. Also, as I mentioned, the oil has come back into my skin. Some days…it’s a bit too oily for my taste. But I’m living with it, because I firmly believe that your skin will regulate its own oil production if you don’t confuse it by stripping away the oil it’s producing.  Frankly, even if the breakouts and oiliness I’ve been getting didn’t go away with time, I still wouldn’t go back to my product regimen. My skin looks much better with it’s natural oils and color and a few pimples that it does clear but dry as the Sahara and prone to redness.

But beyond the look of my skin, I just love the way I feel doing this. It’s just so simple! Before Caveman, I used to feel horrible anxiety if I passed out at night without washing my face. I used to spend 30 minutes morning and night just tending to my face. There are better ways to spend that time (hello, sleeping!).
Plus, I like feeling less like a fussy girl. I hate being that chick who needs an hour to get ready before going out. Pardon my french, but eff that.

If you’re thinking of trying this, here’s my best advice:

  • Don’t Neglect Your Diet: The last week or so has been bad for my diet. I just started a new job and it’s thrown me off my routines a bit, so I’ve been eating a little junk here and there and having more caffeine than usual and I think it’s making my skin a little oilier/more prone to breakouts.
  • Avoid Water On Your Face Unless It’s Purified: I had a few days this month where I got overly confident and decided to splash my face with water from the tap. Both times my skin became a little peely and broke out a bit. If you must use water, only use purified water. But frankly, for the first month, I think it’s best to just do nothing. Adding any variable makes it difficult to determine if it’s working for you.
  • Don’t Touch Your Face: This one goes without saying, but it’s especially important when you begin Caveman. The products you’ve been using for years have basically destroyed your skin’s natural ability to fight bacteria (the products took over the job themselves). When you remove those products, it will take some time for your skin to restore the acid mantle (your skin’s natural bacteria fighter) so you’ll want to be extra careful to avoid exposure to bacteria.

Let me end by saying I did NOT end up getting the infamous “dry skin mask” that’s so common with this regimen. Apparently it’s common for people who do this to end up having an excess of dead skin build up and create a flaky “mask” that tends to take about a month to go away. I didn’t get it but if you try it you may. I’m not sure what prevented mine–maybe the fact that my skin just naturally tends to be oily. Maybe because I spent a lot of time in the sun this month. Anyway, if you do end up getting it, from what I hear it generally disappears after the first month. If it really bugs you, you can lightly exfoliate it using a soft cloth and purified water, but it’s best to just let it be.

So anybody else trying this? Share your experiences!

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