I had never searched for the “best lip balm” before getting pregnant. As a naturally oily-skinned lady, dry lips just weren’t something I generally had to deal with. But, with the hormone changes of pregnancy, dry lips have become a reality and I’ve had to start googling. I knew I wanted something natural (since lip […]


My current apartment attracts dirt like no other apartment I’ve lived in. Seriously, it’s like nature is desperately trying to reclaim it. So I tend to use paper towels, but I’m desperate to kick the habit for a few reasons: Waste: It’s just silly! We/I don’t need them and yet in the US alone, we […]


This is one of my favorite small kitchen solutions, but beyond that, it’s really a great way to simplify your cooking routine! I’m sure you’ve all seen hanging pot racks before. Using one can really help free up some cabinet space (I know I never have enough). I decided to make this change this week, […]


If you’d like to spend a day at the spa without spending a dime, you can create a spa at home using these recipes containing common household items. If possible, it’s always best to use the most organic, purest products available. DIY Beauty doesn’t get more natural or simpler than this! So sit back, relax, […]