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I recently wrote about my adventures with the no ‘poo or no shampoo regimen. I never attempted the baking soda/apple cider vinegar routine because it’s really not suitable for colored hair (If you don’t already know, I color mine to cover grey hair…at age 25 arg). Instead I chose to use the “conditioner only” method […]


As I’ve been transitioning more and more into my no shampoo routine,I’ve had to deal with some scalp issues. I’ve only ever had dandruff and itchy scalp a few times in my life (all when going on or off Accutane) but now I find that I’m more prone to it if I’m not careful. Unfortunately […]


I recently decided to try out this whole “No Shampoo” (otherwise known as “no poo”…which makes the whole thing sound terribly unhealthy) trend. ¬†You’ve heard of this yes? No? Well, I hadn’t either until recently, but it’s been around in various forms for years. Why? Most people gravitate toward no ‘poo because they either want […]

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If you’d like to spend a day at the spa without spending a dime, you can create a spa at home using these recipes containing common household items. If possible, it’s always best to use the most organic, purest products available. DIY Beauty doesn’t get more natural or simpler than this! So sit back, relax, […]