Hang Your Kitchen Pots Like Julia Child

by Kate on January 15, 2012

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This is one of my favorite small kitchen solutions, but beyond that, it’s really a great way to simplify your cooking routine! I’m sure you’ve all seen hanging pot racks before. Using one can really help free up some cabinet space (I know I never have enough). I decided to make this change this week, but I couldn’t find the time to make it to the store to buy a pot rack. So I took to the internet and found this great idea from none other than Julia Child!

Who needs a pot rack? You can just hang your pots straight onto the wall! Now, Julia has a peg-board in place and hangs each pot from a hook (She has so many pots, she’d otherwise have to put hundreds of holes in the wall). But if you just want to hang a few things there’s no reason you can’t hang your pots straight onto the wall.  It makes cooking so much faster when your go-to pots and pans are right there next to you! Plus if you have nice cookware, why not show it off? Again, I had no time to make it to the store so for now I just have simple nails (what you’d use to hang a picture) holding each pot up, but I plan to replace them with hooks when I have the chance. Thanks, Julia!

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