How Simplifying Your Beauty Routine Can Make You Prettier

by Kate on May 22, 2012

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What if you could get rid of most of your products and grooming routines and not only look just as good but actually look better?! Well, I’m here to argue that you can. (Not to mention, by cutting out makeup and products, you’ll limit your exposure to harsh and unnatural chemicals!)  Here are a few ways to simplify your morning beauty routines and how the simplification might actually make you look better than ever!

Skip Washing Your Hair Sometimes: This will allow you to sleep in a little later–more beauty sleep!–and allow your hair’s natural oils to naturally condition your hair for more shine and less breakage.
Instead: Use dry shampoo, or if you’re not greasy, enjoy the added body of your hair’s oils!

Skip Showering Sometimes: Some of you will think this is gross, but this is a huge time saver. If you don’t work out all the time, you’re probably not working up a huge sweat. And unless you work outside, your body isn’t accumulating much, if any, dirt. Skin will be softer and retain it’s moisture when you’re not stripping it with water and/or soap everyday.
Instead: A little natural deodorant will keep you smelling fresh. Also, taking a chlorophyll supplement will naturally deodorize your body from inside out (seriously this works so well–my breath is never stale and when I smell under my arms I hardly smell a thing.)

Cut Down on Makeup: If you’ve got the balls, then go completely bare faced. Wearing a face full of makeup every day makes your skin more prone to acne. Plus, the chemicals in many foundations and powders actually dry the skin, which means you have to rely more and more on makeup to give you a glow…tricky cosmetic companies. Instead: Rinsing your face with cold water will cut down on inflammation and redness. Just a little concealer on spots and under your eyes will make you look rested. Doing quick, small pinches all over your face will give you great color. And simply curling your lashes will make your eyes pop. My number one secret for great skin without makeup is a few drops of jojoba oil gently massaged into the skin. As you massage, the jojoba oil will exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Even if you’ve got breakouts, the jojoba makes the overall appearance of your skin healthy and dewy. (Jessica Beil probably is wearing a little makeup in the photo to the right, but that’s always the look I shoot for.)

Stop Heat Styling: There’s really nothing worse for your hair than daily blow drying and curling or straightening. If you’ve been in this routine (as I once was) you’ll find that your hair becomes thinner and duller over time.
Instead: Embrace your natural texture. It probably looks better on you anyway, you just haven’t given it a chance. Try to experiment with it for a couple weeks–it takes time to figure out how to style your hair without heat but it’s very possible. This is what I do with my fine, thin hair: Gently comb out tangles when hair is about 50% dry. Part hair in the place that’s least likely to activate my cowlicks (widows peak grrrr). Meanwhile, use fingertips to lift hair away from the roots so it doesn’t lie flat against my head.  Scrunch up the ends for body and texture. I have a long commute to work so I leave the house with wet hair and do this in the car. Huge time saver.

I think the main reason minimizing your beauty routines makes you more attractive is it changes your outlook. I think it tends to make you feel a little more fearless, a little more weightless, and a lot more you. It’s pretty empowering walking out the door feeling like your natural human self and I think girls tend to glow when they find the confidence to do so. But maybe that’s just me–I guess I sort of get a thrill out of feeling a little animalistic. Plus, damn if doesn’t feel good saying F-U to the big cosmetics companies and saving a lot of money on makeup, hair products, and water bills! 😉

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artstylelove May 22, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Preach it! Women spend way too much time and money on cosmetics. A little is fine, but no one really needs it. After all, men don’ (usually).


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