Natural Mom

I have been a bit absent in the last month only because I’ve been spending so much time reading up on and researching cloth diapers! Naturally, when I started researching baby stuff a few weeks ago, I was looking for ways to simplify whatever I could. There are SO MANY different products out there that […]


If you’re like me and would like to have a natural birth, you may be considering opting out of a traditional hospital birth in favor of a midwife. I’ve done a lot of research over the last few months and have ultimately decided to do all my prenatal care and delivery with the UCLA Certified […]


Yesterday I wrote about how to have a natural childbirth. Today, I want to look at the benefits of natural childbirth and explain why it’s something I care about. For the purposes of this post, I’m defining natural childbirth as drug-free childbirth. There are many other things that define a natural childbirth (things like being […]


My husband and I have recently decided we’d like to start trying to have a baby, and sure enough, here I am in my first trimester. Being the research-junkie that I am, I have already set about finding any resource I can on how to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. About a year […]

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