How Often Do You Eat?

by Kate on February 4, 2013

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If you have questions about what you should be eating for optimal health, then you can find plenty of diet and nutrition books, articles, and videos on the subject. But, what if you’re wondering how often you should eat? The standard advice these days seems to be that for optimal metabolism and fullness that lasts […]


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Although I’m a big advocated for wearing minimal or no makeup on a day to day basis, sometimes you just need the added confidence and mood lift that a little bit of beauty in a box can give you. Unfortunately, simple, natural makeup can be hard to come by. Many cosmetics contain ingredients that are […]


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Yesterday I wrote about how to have a natural childbirth. Today, I want to look at the benefits of natural childbirth and explain why it’s something I care about. For the purposes of this post, I’m defining natural childbirth as drug-free childbirth. There are many other things that define a natural childbirth (things like being […]


My husband and I have recently decided we’d like to start trying to have a baby, and sure enough, here I am in my first trimester. Being the research-junkie that I am, I have already set about finding any resource I can on how to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. About a year […]

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If you haven’t tried glycolic acid for your acne, you may want to give it a shot. Glycolic acid helps to treat acne by speeding up your skin’s natural rate of exfoliation. Although many different factors usually combine to create an acne problem, skin that is slow to exfoliate allows bacteria to build up and […]


6 Ways to Curb Work Stress

by Kate on September 26, 2012

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It doesn’t matter if you love your job or hate it, we all have stressful days at work. Days when for one reason or another everything goes totally wrong, and if feels as if the universe conspired against you to give you one long day of misery. Hopefully, for you, those days are few and […]


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Hating your job this week? Wishing you could quit and do something else? Often we stay stuck in jobs we dislike only because we’ve adjusted our lifestyle accordingly.  If you’re willing to give up a few of the luxuries you may have become accustomed to, you just might be able to quit your job (or […]


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Well, if you didn’t think I was hippy-dippy before, you will once you hear about my Diva Cup. Gentlemen, unless you’re a glutton for punishment I suggest you skip this post–it’s about to get reaaalll feminine. So, as I wrote a week ago, I recently went off the Pill, which so far I’m very happy […]


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I’ve decided to go off the birth control pill.  Again. I’ve made this decision countless times. Every time I go on a particular pill I generally end up wanting to go off of it within a year or so. Why? The Side Effects–I won’t get too detailed here. If you’re a woman who’s been on […]


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I just love the Caveman Regimen. If you haven’t read my previous post about why I started the Caveman Regimen (and what it is) I suggest you read that first. It’s officially been a month since I started this whole not washing thing and I just love it. Before deciding to try the caveman regimen, […]


use less paper towels

My current apartment attracts dirt like no other apartment I’ve lived in. Seriously, it’s like nature is desperately trying to reclaim it. So I tend to use paper towels, but I’m desperate to kick the habit for a few reasons: Waste: It’s just silly! We/I don’t need them and yet in the US alone, we […]