Real Food Snacks: 10 Delicious Recipes

by Kate on February 5, 2013

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homemade fruit leather, homemade fruit roll upI’m a big believer in eating real foods. Not only are they of course more nutritious, but I also think it’s easier to stay healthy once you start incorporating real foods ; they make you feel so good that you want to keep eating them, so in that way they can help you establish good eating habits. At meal time, the options are generally plentiful–chicken with vegetables is my standby, and there are plenty of other great real food recipes out there for when you want to get creative.  But snack time can be a little tricky. For many people a busy day snack might be a latte, a candy bar, or even just a can of soda–not the healthiest options, and definitely not the types of foods that will actually help tide you over until the next meal. So I thought I’d put together a list of delicious, easily prepared real food snacks.

  1. Homemade Trail Mix
  2. Avocado, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt
  3. Hard Boiled Eggs
  4. Apples With Almond Butter (Almonds are anti-inflammatory!)
  5. Fruit and Veggie Smoothie
  6. Fresh Squeezed Fruit and Veggie Juice
  7. Coconut Milk Shakes:
    Check out these delicious recipes from Mark’s Daily Apple
  8. Kale Chips:
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a non-insulated cookie sheet with parchment paper. Carefully remove the leaves from the thick stems and tear into bite size pieces. Wash and thoroughly dry kale. Drizzle kale with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Bake until the edges brown but are not burnt, about 15 minutes.
  9. Homemade Sweet Potato Chips
    Wash a large sweet potato, then slice it paper thin (try to slice them as evenly as possible so they all cook at the same speed. Place a sheet of parchment paper over the plate of your microwave oven (or a separate plate). Place the potato slices in a single layer on top of the paper–be careful not to let them overlap or they will stick to each other. Season with sea salt. Cover the potatoes with a second sheet of parchment paper. Cook on high power for 8-10 minutes, or until potato slices are browned and crisp. Allow chips to cool. Enjoy! (You will likely need to repeat this process a few times to cook all the slices from one sweet potato.
  10. Homemade Fruit Leather
    I use this fruit leather recipe and it’s delicious! 

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