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As a part of my new foray into minimalism, I have been using Craigslist a lot lately. When you start minimizing, you get rid of a lot of excess stuff–why send that stuff to a landfill when someone else could easily get great use out of it, and you could make a little money in […]


I’ve been meaning to put together a list of my favorite resources on natural health, beauty, and simple living for a while now and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it. I’m posting all my favorite blogs, sites, books, and other resources below with short descriptions of why I like them.  I’ll also keep an […]


Hating your job this week? Wishing you could quit and do something else? Often we stay stuck in jobs we dislike only because we’ve adjusted our lifestyle accordingly.  If you’re willing to give up a few of the luxuries you may have become accustomed to, you just might be able to quit your job (or […]


I just love the Caveman Regimen. If you haven’t read my previous post about why I started the Caveman Regimen (and what it is) I suggest you read that first. It’s officially been a month since I started this whole not washing thing and I just love it. Before deciding to try the caveman regimen, […]


My current apartment attracts dirt like no other apartment I’ve lived in. Seriously, it’s like nature is desperately trying to reclaim it. So I tend to use paper towels, but I’m desperate to kick the habit for a few reasons: Waste: It’s just silly! We/I don’t need them and yet in the US alone, we […]


I recently wrote about my adventures with the no ‘poo or no shampoo regimen. I never attempted the baking soda/apple cider vinegar routine because it’s really not suitable for colored hair (If you don’t already know, I color mine to cover grey hair…at age 25 arg). Instead I chose to use the “conditioner only” method […]


I wrote a few weeks ago about my plans to wean myself off the twice-a-day applications of benzoyl peroxide I’d been using for years to control my acne. My wedding has officially come and gone (yay! married!) and so I decided I was ready. I figured there would be no better time to begin my […]


What if you could get rid of most of your products and grooming routines and not only look just as good but actually look better?! Well, I’m here to argue that you can. (Not to mention, by cutting out makeup and products, you’ll limit your exposure to harsh and unnatural chemicals!)  Here are a few […]

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Dry shampoo is an absolute necessity for me, especially since going “No Poo”. Not only does it keep my hair looking fresh on days when I don’t rinse or wash, it also just saves me so much time and money. I can roll out of bed, rub in some dry shampoo and be set!  Even […]


Sometimes the simplest changes can have a big effect. These simple ways to save money at home will not only help increase your savings, they’re also better for the environment! 1. Buy an Individual Filtered Water Bottle: These Bobble water bottle filters are genius. They make the water taste great and they aren’t nearly as […]


This is one of my favorite small kitchen solutions, but beyond that, it’s really a great way to simplify your cooking routine! I’m sure you’ve all seen hanging pot racks before. Using one can really help free up some cabinet space (I know I never have enough). I decided to make this change this week, […]