I’ve decided to go off the birth control pill.  Again. I’ve made this decision countless times. Every time I go on a particular pill I generally end up wanting to go off of it within a year or so. Why? The Side Effects–I won’t get too detailed here. If you’re a woman who’s been on […]


Alright I’ve been taking Cod Liver Oil for about two weeks now and my skin has this glow to it that it hasn’t had since…ever.  I’m really not a huge fan of supplements-I tend to think once you start taking them your body grows dependent so if you ever stop taking it, it can screw […]


After a great deal of research I have solidified my plan to wean myself off Benzoyl Peroxide. First, some background: I’ve been following the regimen which involves applying Benzoyl peroxide to any acne-affected areas twice a day every day. I’ve been very grateful to find products that have given me control over my skin […]


Acne. I’ve suffered with it, on and off, since I was about 13 years old. I’ve been on just about every drug/topical treatment/anti-acne diet you can imagine–including scary scary Accutane–and the only thing that has consistently worked has been a combination of the birth control pill and topical benzoyl peroxide. But I’m so sick of […]