The Mindful Soap Company’s Natural Soaps and Body Creams (Review)

by Kate on May 14, 2014

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I am always on the lookout for natural bath and beauty products so when Trisha of the Mindful Soap Company offered to let me review her handmade, natural soaps and body creams I was very excited!

There’s really nothing easier these days than finding products that claim to be natural.  Finding products that actually are natural is a different story.   Even more difficult is finding products that are natural AND smell great.  The Mindful Soap Company seems to have found the magic recipe for accomplishing this.

I have been using the Honey Oatmeal soap and the Lavender Body Cream and I love both!  The Honey Oatmeal soap has a scent that is extremely natural, very subtle and yet totally energizing.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find it has a hint of cinnamon–a unique ingredient to add to a honey-oatmeal soap and yet so invigorating! I also used it to bathe my baby, Ethan, last night and love how the smell of it has lightly lingered in his hair today. I wasn’t sure about using a bar soap on baby hair–I generally think of bar soaps as being too harsh. But, clearly in this case I was wrong.  His hair was was silky and soft after using this soap, not dry and fluffy as it usually is after a wash with the Honest Company bath wash.

As for the Lavender Body Cream–it’s to die for. I love lavender but so many companies get it wrong. It’s often way too overpowering, to the point that it makes my eyes water. But this cream is amazing. Last night after putting my grumpy teething baby back to bed for the 100th time, I was having trouble falling back asleep. So I rubbed this cream on my arms and neck and the scent just soothed me right to sleep. It’s really nice to wear during the day too–it’s actually a little bit sexy I think, which is surprising for lavender, but it’s the best word I can think to describe it. That cozy sensuous kind of sexy. I just love it.

Apart from how much I love the products, I also really love that they come from a good, honest source.  Trisha started The Mindful Soap company as a result of her son who is diagnosed with autism.  He was undergoing therapy and his therapist used various essential oils to stimulate various parts of the brain. Trisha has a background in Biology and found this so fascinating she ended up doing a ton of research on the benefits of essential oils.   On her inspiration to start the company, she says:

One day the thought occurred to me, “Could I make a better all-natural soap that includes the essential oils used in my son’s therapy so that he could benefit even more?”

The soaps from the Mindful Soap Company are completely handmade using the traditional cold-process method. The ingredients are completely natural so I feel really good about using them both on myself and my baby.

I definitely recommend giving these a try! They’re very affordable–soaps are $5.99 each and the body creams are $11.99 each. As far as I’m concerned, these products are spa quality, so at these prices they are an absolute steal! Be sure and check out all the options at  BEST OF ALL, you can receive a special Light Clean Simple 15% discount on your first order! Just enter the discount code “lightcleansimple” at checkout!

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