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by Kate on May 13, 2014

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My son, Ethan, just turned 8 months and he’s crawling, standing, and cruising! So I have been baby-proofing and have found it easy to buy just about everything through Amazon (because who has time to shop these days, amiright?). I’ve been really happy with some of the products I bought, so I thought I’d just quickly share! Hopefully it’ll save you from the time and hassle of going to the store.

baby proofing outlets, outlet plugs1. Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs$2.49 for 36

Since my son is young and not as crafty as older babies, I’m probably not the best person to review these, but I can see how they would be superior to others. It’s really hard to get your fingers in there after they are applied because the plastic is very thin. They fit snugly into the outlets so I can’t see a child removing them without a great deal of effort. And you can’t beat the price!

2. Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System for Cabinets and Drawers $27.39

baby proof cabinetsOkay it’s a lot more expensive than just wrapping some rubber bands around your drawer or cabinet pulls (an idea suggested many times over on Pinterest), but this option is just so much more attractive. I don’t like the idea of rubber bands or ties  being in reach of my son because he seems to be exceptionally curious and I just worry about a choking hazard.  The only downside to the Safety 1st Magnetic System is you have to keep a key nearby but they sell extra keys if that concerns you. You can also disable the lock and just use the drawer regularly during times you’ll be supervising closely.

3. Mommy’s Helper Soft Jamb Door Stops $4.99

babyproof doorstopThese are great. I hadn’t even considered the choking hazard posed by the classic door stops (In particular that little white rubber cap that sits on the end can easily pop off.) until I read about it on a blog. I wasn’t going to worry about it until I turned around for a minute the other day and turned back to find Ethan with both hands on the door stop. So these give me peace of mind and were super easy to install right into the existing holes.

4. 24 x 36″ Chalkboard $29.99

chalkboard to baby-proof fireplaceHuh? What’s a chalkboard doing on a baby-proofing list? Turns out, it’s the most festive and fun way to baby-proof a fireplace!  We could have done a little gate around the fireplace instead, but that would have taken up too much space in our little apartment. This has a cool modern look and will be really fun for Ethan one day when he can use chalk. My husband created a fun little design (see picture to the right)–though I’ll caution you…I think we’re going to have to erase it and do white chalk instead. Ethan keeps rubbing up against it and getting the red/orange chalk all over him. Why this particular chalkboard? It was the ONLY one I could find that was 3 ft bt 2 ft (the exact dimensions of our fireplace.  And it was cheap. And it was from Amazon, so easy peasy to order!

5. Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi-Use Latches $6.99 for a 2-Pack

baby proof sliding closet doorsThese are by far the most useful baby product out there. They are also arguably the least attractive. But honestly, it’s the best way I’ve found to keep dresser drawers closed.  And–this is a big one–it’s great for sliding closet doors.  We have a mirrored sliding closet door in my son’s room and it’s basically his favorite thing in the world to go stand up against it and press his face to it.  These keep the doors securely shut so they don’t go sliding all over the place when he decides to play. NOTE: These come in packs of two, so on amazon a “1-pack” actually contains two latches. So they aren’t as pricey as it might seem.

These are my favorites so far! Though we’ve still got plenty of baby proofing to do…I think my son’s going to be walking soon, so I’m sure there will be an update to this post soon.  What about you? What are your favorite baby proofing items?

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*In the spirit of full disclosure, links to products in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase any of the products I recommend. Know that I only recommend products that I have used and love myself.

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