Why Kate Middleton Has a “Mommy Tummy”

by Kate on July 27, 2013

in Natural Mom, Women's Health

kate middleton mommy tummyThis is going to be a brief post, because frankly the fact that anyone’s even talking about this at all is sort of ridiculous. BUT I haven’t come across ONE SINGLE ARTICLE–even from the most reputable new sources–that accurately explains the post baby “mommy tummy” that most new moms will certainly have just a day after their babies are born.

Kate Middleton made an appearance just a day after her son George Alexander Louis was born wearing the blue polka-dotted dress pictured at the right. The dress fabric was clingy and revealed that–GASP–she still had a little bump.  Articles have flooded the internet either criticizing her for not covering it up and for having it at all, or supporting her for being confident going out in public post-baby with a “mommy tummy.”  Most of these articles also discuss her “weight loss” plans, as if her “tummy” is completely related to the extra weight she carried during her pregnancy. Judging by Kate’s slight frame, I am willing to bet that her “tummy” in that blue dress was not from extra weight in her tummy at all, but simply HER STILL LARGE UTERUS!!! Does the mainstream media know nothing of biology?  After a woman gives birth her uterus has to contract over the next several days to weeks to return to its pre-pregnancy size. It doesn’t just bounce back automatically.  So these articles that discuss “weight loss” are just completely bogus.  That bump is not weight to be lost, it’s just a swollen uterus.

I can just about guarantee that Kate Middleton’s “mummy tummy” will be gone in a matter of weeks, and poor Kate will be dealing with criticism that she’s lost the weight too fast.  And obviously if not, who the heck cares? But seriously, if I read one more article about “Kate’s bold display” or “Kate’s Feminist Choice” or some other such nonsense, I’m going to vomit. Ok, vent complete. But ladies, am I right? This is ridiculous!

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